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There are goodberries
in everything, that's how
the change gets in.


We are goodberries. We are active in the field of sustainable strategy, finance and transitions. We help companies identify, multiply and accelerate 'goodberries' - sustainable opportunities - in their own context. From sustainable strategy to data & reporting (including Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive - CSRD). Organizations that work with us accelerate and realize their sustainable and circular ambitions. This leads to more value creation.


How do we do this? As an eye-opener, navigator and creator.

With strategic insights, financing solutions and new business models for positive change. Results driven. Because there is no time to lose.

Our target group are mid-sized to large corporates, entrepreneurs, investors and financiers who want to become more sustainable, but do not know exactly how. We also guide board of directors and leadership teams.


What we offer

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Eye opener

Insights. Many leaders wonder how to accelerate the sustainable ambitions for their organization. We offer a short program through which you get inspired and decide on the next step with your team.  

Within 1 day inspired to develop your business and accelerate. 

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Just do it. Because that is how you realize impact. We guide organizations hands-on towards a future-proof business. CSRD implementation,  a sustainable future roadmap and sustainable finance solutions all with sustainable impact.

45+ years of experience in realizing transitions.

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New business. We start

with your goal

-the dot on the horizon- and plot your path there in the form of launching a new business initiative or startup company. 

Within 1 year a new business model up and running.


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The new economy demands more than ever to achieve positive impact by working in an ecosystem. We inspire you with movements to which we have previously contributed. In personal contact we are happy share the insights, the process and the impact.

About us

How and why

We started goodberries based on the motivation that there are many opportunities for making companies to make their impact more sustainable. We put organizations into gear with clear insights, concrete goals and proven methods. No thick reports, but 'empowered by action'. The ultimate aim is to accelerate the movement towards the net positive economy. When we are ready, the organization moves on. That's sustainable. 

Janneke van Raak, Alain Cracau, Ivo Hanssen and Val Mostermans

Over the past decades, we have worked in the financial services sector at the intersection of strategy, financing and sustainable transitions. We were in charge of the development and execution of innovative sustainable services. We are triggered by the 'wicked problems' of the new economy. How can one make sustainable progress without knowing everything exactly? By boldly embarking on that transition, companies will ensure that they remain interesting for new generations, customers, employees, financiers and investors.

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