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Image by Boba Jaglicic


We aim for a lushful world with goodberries in abundance for all. Goodberries create change for the better good. To get there, we create ecosystems in which goodberries can thrive and prosper.

Climate change, biodiversity and social challenges call for joint efforts. Not through a linear model, but through trial and error, and only together.


We connect visionary people and leading parties to increase impact. People, organizations, students, investors and bankers, who, just like you, are working towards a net positive world.


We would like to inspire you with a number of movements to which we have previously contributed. We are happy to share the insights, the process and the impact with you in personal contact .


From Ego to Ecosystem.

Rolf Fouchier.jpeg

Rolf Fouchier
-Startup entrepreneur in energy transition

It was great to work with Janneke and Alain on making Rabobank more sustainable. Growing seeds with full force, making something out of nothing is their strength. A strong action orientation without losing the plot and the people around them.'


Marcel Kampman and Dennis van Aalst - Initiator Causatives 

'Causing movement and change requires thinking through, understanding and calculation. This is how Janneke and Alain create value and make things happen.'

Lucas Mol.jpeg

Lucas Mol - Initiator De Groene Afslag

'A bucket full of intrinsically motivated flexible change minds. Endless brainpower, but at least as much doing power. They have an extensive network.

With goodberries, Janneke & Alain, you have everything ready to shake up your financiers and get them ready to support your sustainable future.'

Jaap Korteweg.jpeg

Jaap Korteweg - The Vegetarian Butcher

'I got to know Alain in the early days of 'The Vegetarian Butcher'. A time when no one believed in the transition from the old meat (from animals) to the new meat  (from plants). Except......Alain. He has been a great practical support to us during those difficult times. He did not fail to report to me regularly that his grandfather, a butcher, was perfectly healthy and now over 100 ;-)'

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