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Customer experiences

We would like to introduce you to a number of clients of Goodberries. From companies where lasting sustainable impact has been achieved and where sustainability has become part of their business operations, to impact investors where positive impact is the main purpose.


“Our collaboration with Goodberries resulted in effective interim support of our comprehensive sustainability agenda, and the development of strategic emission reduction plans for several asset classes. Furthermore, Goodberries facilitated insightful executive sustainability training sessions for our Executive Board and member community ranging from risk, finance to the commercial domains. Their commitment, deliverables, and personalized approach clearly was more than in line with our expectations. A true partner in driving positive sustainable impact in the financial industry.” 


- Carlo van Kemenade – CEO


DLL is an international vendor finance organization with a managed portfolio of more than EUR 42 billion. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Eindhoven, the company offers asset-based financing solutions in the agricultural, food, healthcare, clean technology, construction, transportation, industrial, office equipment and technology sectors. 

Board Company

logo_moerkpetroleum (002).png

With more than 5,000 trained commissioners and supervisors in Scandinavia and the Benelux, Board Company has a strong position. We would like to continue to inform our audience about the latest developments in the field of ESG / CSRD.

“As Board Company, we collaborate with knowledge partners who can share their expertise with our audience at a professional level. In our search for ESG and CSRD experts found a good knowledge partner in Goodberries. Their extensive experience, professional knowledge and pleasant presentation style were immediately appreciated by our participants. During our events, they clearly explain the complex ESG and CSRD spectrum and answer all questions from our audience. 
Janneke and Alain bring refreshing and valuable insights, which we know that Supervisory Board members take with them to the boardroom.

Inge Weima - Executive Coordinator


"We have been supported by the goodberries team (Alain Cracau in collaboration with Wouter van 't Hoff) during our ESG Risk Rating process with Sustainalytics from July to September 2023. Throughout our engagement, the Goodberries team has consistently demonstrated strong project management skills, a proactive approach, integrity and flexibility, all of which played an important role in the success of our project.


Alain and Wouter actively anticipate possible hurdles and help us overcome them. Their proactive approach in communicating with our organisation and the rating teams made for a smooth collaboration. Their willingness to go the extra mile and take initiative is truly valuable. The entire process felt like a true team effort in this important phase of our company’s growth."


Steyn Verschoof – VP Sustainability (global), Enstall


Enstall operates in the major markets for rooftop solar installations in the United States and Europe. Install  is founded by installers and for installers with the global scale needed to offer solar mounting solutions for every type of roof.

ANWB Insurance
& Unigarant


ANWB and Unigarant insurance branch

"We have worked with Goodberries for more than 8 months and we have made huge strides in setting up sustainability within our organization. A very nice collaboration, which has been decisive and inspiring for us as management and company. The organization is solid and the baton is professionally and smoothly transferred to the internal successor. Happy with the choice for Goodberries. It has brought ANWB Verzekeren and Unigarant a lot!" Managing Board member - Ivonne van den Heuvel

Menken Orlando

After an "Eye Opener" session with a broad group of colleagues within Menken Orlando, we started working with Goodberries on the company's sustainability strategy and CSRD implementation. Sarting with a double materiality analysis and stakeholder discussions to transalte material topics into policy and strategy.

Reactions after the "Eye opener" session:

“We have achieved so much in one day! Great! I am glad that we have spend the time to dive into this topic.
“The subject has come to life”

Executive team Menken Orlando

Menken Orlando.png

Menken Orlando is an internationally operating family business with a long tradition. They develop and deliver innovative food concepts for retail and food service customers throughout Europe.

Shift Invest


Shift Invest is a leading venture capital impact fund that invests in innovative companies with a significant positive sustainable impact or with demonstrable potential.

Goodberries works closely with Shift invest and is involved as chairman of the Impact Committee and advises the fund management on impact analysis, how to measure and monitor the impact and where possible accelerate it. 

Shift Invest has invested in companies such as VandeBron, Protix and Meatless in the past and is involved as an investor in numerous companies that have a positive impact.

Bieze Food Group

“In five inspiring sessions Goodberries took our management through the CSRD regulations and the underlying standards. By combining theory with many practical examples, the subjects from CSRD are explained and we have seen that there are many interfaces with the strategy we pursue and also where there are points for improvement. These insights help us to integrate sustainable topics into business operations, so that we not only comply with legal obligations, but also build a (more) sustainable future! In the coming period, we will work together with Goodberries to further shape our sustainability strategy and the associated implementation of CSRD.”


Bieze Food Group is a group of companies that work together within the food industry. Bieze Food Group specializes in fresh food and operates throughout Europe.



“Goodberries has actively set a new course in a short period of time. Not a standard story. Enlightening with active working methods, they know how to bring relevance to the sustainable ecosystem in which we operate. With concrete results, a completely new experience for us. Now we can convert this into appropriate financing to realize our ambitions”

Ariza is a family business and specialized international supplier of processed organic fruit and vegetable products.

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